1. What are the dimensions of the table?

  • 720mm height (to table top surface)
  • 840mm length of table top
  • 510mm width of table top
  • 10mm thickness of table top
  • 80mm approx. thickness when folded

2. What comes in the box?

One Loc8 Trim Panel, which is made of high quality ABS plastic in a colour which tones with the lower ‘A’ panels of T5 and T6 vans. It is textured with in similar grain too, so that it looks as though it belongs.

One Loc8 Table, which has a laminated birch ply top finished with a Puntinella style surface. The table has 4 aluminium folding legs that lock in place when unfolded.

One set of easy to follow instructions with clear photographs.

3 Will it fit my van?

The Loc8 Table System will fit the left hand sliding door of all VW T5 and T6 vans that are badged as Transporter vans from 2004 to the present day. This is the vast majority of T5 and T6 vans sold in the UK. The Loc8 Table System is a direct replacement for the standard hardboard door card, so if your van is fitted with one, then the Loc8 Table System will replace it.

Please note that if you van is badged as being a Caravelle, Shuttle or it is fitted with roll up blinds for the sliding door windows, the Loc8 Table System will only fit if the full blind mechanism and associated trim panel is removed.

4. How easy is it to fit?

Extremely easy. If you use a trim clip remover then fitting should take no longer than 10 minutes, if using an Allen key then it may take 5 minutes longer. You simply undo the existing trim clips (saving them for re-use), take off the existing hardboard panel and replace it with the Loc8 Trim panel. Then push home 16 of the trim clips you have saved and that’s it. Click here for full fitting instructions.

If your van has previously had a panel screwed onto the door, you may need to hammer flat the area around the screw hole, as often it may be standing proud of the surface. This will ensure that the new Loc8 panel will fit snugly against the door as designed.

We’ve designed the Loc8 Trim panel to be fitted with 16 clips whereas the original VW panel is held on with 17 clips. This allows for the fact that you may damage the first clip you remove as you learn how they fit.

5. What tools do I need?

A trim clip remover or 3mm allen (hexagon) key to remove the existing trim clips.

Possibly a soft faced mallet or similar if your thumbs find it hard to push the clips fully home (most of the time your thumbs are all you need).

6. Does the Loc8 Table System come with clips?

No, because you reuse your existing fittings ensuring that the clips you use are the right colour for your vehicle. Over the years VW have used at least 4 different colours of clips and a number of conversions may have then fitted a different colour too. If you have no clips for your trim panel (because the original panel may have been adapted or changed during a previous conversion), please just contact us and we will try to help.

7. Can I carpet the trim panel?

Yes the Loc8 Trim panel can be carpeted to match your camper interior. We recommend using a good quality spray contact adhesive and 4 way stretch carpet. Please be aware that the Loc8 Table System has been designed to not need carpeting and as a result once carpeted, the table will be a snug fit. If you find it difficult to get the table in and out of the trim panel after carpeting, you can remove a small section of carpet from behind the underside of the upper location tabs on the trim panel. This will allow the table to move up into the panel fully, whilst ensuring that the small untrimmed sections are not visible.

8. How much is delivery?

Delivery is free to the majority of mainland UK. If you live in the Highlands and Islands, please contact us for a quote. If you live in Eire or Northern Ireland please order through our partners OBSpoke Conversions, who will offer you free delivery from them.

9. Is it available for the right door?

At the moment no, but we are working on a version for the right door. We will advertise when this is in production.

10. Can I insulate behind it?

Yes you can insulate behind the Loc8 Trim panel. The door itself is made up of 3 horizontal sections where the upper section can take up to 100mm of insulation, the middle section about 40mm and the lower section about 15mm. Different people use different types of insulation, we find earth wool type products to work very well and they are easy to thin out as required.

11. Can I transfer my Loc8 Table System to another vehicle?

Yes you can simply take it out and swap it over.

12. How strong is the table?

The table is rated to hold 20kg evenly distributed.

13. Who makes the Loc8 Table System?

Innovative Camper Solutions Limited,
45 Rowley Road, Little Weighton, East Riding of Yorkshire HU20 3XQ.
Tel: 01482 762312.