Fed up of having a loose table rattling around your van?
Fed up of having a table that is fixed in the wrong place?

At last the answer is here with the Loc8 Table System.

It’s a simple and effective way to have the best of both worlds: a standalone camping table that’s securely stored in your sliding door when not in use.

Designed and assembled in Britain, the Loc8 Table system is fitted in minutes and requires absolutely no modification to your sliding door. There is no cutting away of strengthening beams and no alteration of your existing lock mechanisms; you simply remove the existing VW trim and replace it with the Loc8 Trim, reusing the existing trim clips.

The Loc8 Table system fits into the nearside sliding door of all Right Hand Drive VW T5 and T6 models manufactured from 2004 onwards. The system is suitable for use in both SWB and LWB models with or without a power operated door.

The Loc8 Table System; an Innovative Camper Solution product.

Innovative Camper Solutions was set up to explore ways in which people could maximise the use of their VW T5 and T6 camper vans. With over a decade in the campervan industry we’ve come to learn a thing or two about VW vans and we’ve listened to what owners have reported as being issues or niggles.

This has resulted in the launch of our new product designed to solve an age old problem with VW camper van conversions; what to do about the table.

In the past campervan tables have were hard to fit, irritating to store and not much use when finally installed, as they were invariably in the wrong place for the task at hand.

The Loc8 Table System solves all these problems, with a standalone camping table that’s safely housed in an unused space.

The Loc8 Table

The custom built table has the advantage of being stand alone; meaning that it can be used either inside or outside the van. With the top  manufactured from high quality 10mm CPL faced birch ply, it has a great strength to weight ratio and the adjustable locking aluminium legs mean that the table remains stable at all times when in use.

The Loc8 Trim

Manufactured in the UK, the ABS door trim panel has been carefully designed to have no moving parts; making it rattle free and ensuring a long service life.  The trim itself fits into the door using existing fixings and requires absolutely no modification to the door itself.

The Loc8 Table System

Taken together the Loc8 Table System safely stores the camping table out of the way in the sliding door. To take the table out you simply slide the table up and out of the trim panel. To refit it you simply do the reverse; it takes seconds.


Installed in minutes with no complicated tools necessary, the Loc8 Table System is an innovation we are extremely proud of. It is suitable for the nearside sliding door of all Right Hand Drive VW T5 and T6 vehicles, both LWB and SWB. So whether it’s a panel van, a combi van, a shuttle, a camper conversion, a multivan or any other type of VW T5 or T6, it will fit. And the entire system can even be removed and swapped over to your next van without issue.



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